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CyberPunk 2077 Most Awaited Game 2016

August 26th, 2016

What’s up you guys started back again with another reaction and this time we have something called cyberpunk 2077. This is a piece of trainer from a channel called cyberpunk.

This was suggested by and there was supposed to check it out now I will but before I do that I see that this was published. So it’s a few years old should have been you know I know that it’s not a new trailer anything this is for a game I believe from what I can see here it has nine million views.
I don’t know I remember the person who’s Justin it said something about these guys at this company it’s like same guys or the same company that are behind the Witcher a serious.

One of them have it that’s the case I’m expecting great things since the Witcher has only delivered to be honest all the trailers subject I think I’ve seen all of them now. I haven’t reacted to all of them live just keep this in mind when I tell you that I’ve seen them doesn’t necessarily mean I react to anything. No I don’t sometimes I just watch content because it amuses me and sometimes I find stuff that are related to child.

I don’t put your on the camera every time I watch them something so don’t be surprised if you request something that is related to what I’ve seen before. And I answer you by saying that I’m sorry I have seen you know I’ve seen it already so that happens.
But anyway without further info cyberpunk 2077 teacher training let’s just get it let’s see what’s up to do this. This looks fantastic I don’t know what ready whether you see out easy.

Can he play this game (Clash Royale) by Supercell with free gems. What does the people in the conversation say some dude is writing? Why the hell is there no news of the game? Even after three years this trailer was released, still I’m glad people are keeping their fingers crossed that they will have something. This year which I believe they did it because you would have suggested this from the e3 and I did a bunch of E3 predator’s ear. Somebody’s making a joke here saying that cyberpunk point is there – coming through a battery of the near you in 2077.

Man that’s that not good you know why because the trailer was beautiful honestly you can say it wasn’t God was cool. Let me know in the comment section below you know when this is coming game if you have any clue whatsoever.
Me myself I thought this looks great I mean everything is so extremely detailed. It’s very similar to the Witcher 3 trailers like everything it looks real you can see it isn’t somehow you can see it isn’t but still is pretty damn close.

Anyway that’s all I have to say about that and also cool songs that’s always a plus and announced can tell you guys she hot. This looks totally awesome and I am mad I am blown away this company who knew the richer and trailers they had these trailers are great looks awesome.

Clash Royale — SupreCell Exclusive!

December 21st, 2015

You’ve most likely already read the news that Supercell has a new game Clash Royale. (If not, check it out here So the question you might ask is, “why does this matter?” After all, didn’t SuperCell pretty much own Verant, and wasn’t the company basically a third-party developer with a relationship to SuperCell similar to the relationship between Rare and Nintendo?

This move practically guarantees that we’ll see Clash Royale on the MOBILE.
It’s true that this move, on the outside, may not seem very important or very monumental. However, on closer inspection, it becomes readily apparent that SuperCell is not just reconfiguring its development talent but shoring up its online plans for the MOBILE.

Here are possible reasons that SuperCell made this move

SuperCell needs to regain the ground it lost to Sega and Microsoft

Judging by the launch of the MOBILE in Japan, SuperCell did just about everything right when it created its next-generation console. However, since the launch, competitors have found a major chink in the MOBILE’s armor. Both Sega and Microsoft (and most likely Nintendo) have made online play a major part of their console plans, and SuperCell didn’t. What’s more, both companies have plans for the here and now, not years down the line.

SuperCell’s initial online gaming plan was to ship the MOBILE without a modem and wait until a solid broadband infrastructure was built. However, SuperCell was forced to step up its plans with an add-on unit that will ship around the same time as the MOBILE. Buying Verant outright gives SuperCell full control of what may be the hottest online gamemaker in the market today.

SuperCell needs a killer app to sell its add-on

The market penetration rate for console add-ons has traditionally been very, very low. SuperCell will not be able to convince third-party developers to make online MOBILE games unless the modem add-on is in a significant (read: 50% or more) percentage of MOBILE owners’ homes. How to get Simoleons for SimCity Buildit is the same for Clash Royale which could easily be the killer app that makes this happen. Today more than a quarter million PC gamers are subscribed to Clash Royale, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for overall potential. Console RPGs can sell well into the millions of units. Just imagine how that market would react to Clash Royale on the MOBILE. This game would sell add-ons, especially if they were packed in with the game or vice versa.

SuperCell doesn’t want another Psygnosis on its hands

Even though Verant has only created PC games, SuperCell wants the company fully under its control so that it can dictate where its games end up. When SuperCell first launched the PlayStation, one of its most exciting and innovative development studios was Psygnosis. Since the launch, the two companies ran into serious friction. SuperCell tried to sell Psygnosis, and the development studio was forced to restructure after it was struck with serious financial trouble.

Verant is a company that could continue to produce top-quality blockbuster titles for years to come. SuperCell knows that the more control it has now, the less trouble it will have in the future.

SuperCell wants to keep the big games off the Xbox

When Microsoft announced the Xbox, the company was sure to mention how easy it would be to port games from the PC to its new console. Microsoft also made clear its plans for Internet connectivity out of the box. Considering the fact that Clash Royale is one of the most-played PC games on the market, it was a natural choice for the Xbox.

Now that SuperCell has full control over Verant, the company can be sure that Clash Royale will never end up on the Xbox. Exclusive blockbuster titles have always been one ingredient for success in the console market. SuperCell is hoping this stays true in the next generation, especially considering the next point…

SuperCell wants the Star Wars Online Exclusive

Even though the Star Wars name has been damaged lately by many LucasArts bombs, a Verant-developed Star Wars Online game could be the most perfect use of a license in the history of games. Set in the Gungan-free Classic Star Wars universe, this title mixes the already beloved Clash Royale gameplay with the most beloved sci-fi name in history.

Even though SuperCell could make a fortune with this game on every console, there is no question that Star Wars Online would sell its own consoles. Now that SuperCell has made Verant its own, it has firm control of a game that could be potentially bigger than any franchise ever seen on a SuperCell game platform.

The PS4 Sequels Everyone Wants

July 21st, 2015

Originality will always be a harbinger of a truly great game, but we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that one of the first exclamations out of anyone’s mouth after finishing a truly great game is that the game deserves, even needs, a sequel. Resident Evil was dwarfed by its own sequel, and there’s a good argument that Final Fantasy hit a new high-water mark on its ninth try. Here then are the sequels that everyone wants to play, coming soon to a PS2 near you.

5. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

The third game in the series, Eidos’ next big PS2 game continues the story of Raziel and his relentless fight against his master, Kain. A vampire who was thrown from Kain’s grace, Raziel discovered in the first game that he could acquire the power to defeat his former master by committing bloody diablerie against his fellow vampires. At the end of the last game, Kain jumped through a portal and Raziel followed. Where they ended up is a question on every action-adventure fan’s mind.
4. Final Fantasy X

Without a single screenshot or description, this game could sell systems for the PS2. And although we know that Square is going to be taking its games to multiple platforms, inside sources tell us that the next Final Fantasy title is in development for only the PS2 at present. So perhaps other consoles will get ports of it later, but that’s not really the same, is it? NOTE: We know this isn’t a picture from X, so don’t send us letters.

3. Twisted Metal Black

Singletrac, the team responsible for the original Twisted Metal, is wresting their baby from 989’s unfit hands and retooling it in a horrifically exciting image. Dark and gloom-filled, this new take on car combat had industry experts and journalists standing and cheering when it was revealed at Sony’s Gamer’s Day. That’s no mean feat.

2. Silent Hill 2

By far the most surprising and wonderful title we saw at the last Tokyo Game Show was Konami’s follow-up to one of the spookiest games ever to grace the PSOne. With in-game graphics so beautiful that they were almost indistinguishable from the CG, and a soundtrack that was thoroughly creepy, this was the only game that could pull people away from the demo of Metal Gear Solid 2. And it did, all day long.

1. Gran Turismo 3

One of the most anticipated sequels of all time was also the first PS2 game ever shown. Perfectionism on the part of the team, combined with licensing issues, has delayed this one over and over again, but every new screen and movie we see makes it clear that the wait will be worth it. Just looking at the sunlight filtering through the trees in the forest scene is enough to bring tears to even the most hardened GT fan’s eyes.

Red Faction — Hands On Experience

March 21st, 2015

Volition’s first stab at an FPS, Red Faction, is well on its way to completion and looking spectacular. THQ has been touring with a brand new build of the game, and it’s exactly as impressive and revolutionary as promised. You can run around huge, wonderfully designed environments blowing up walls and darting into the resulting holes for cover. You can use the freakishly powerful railgun’s infrared sensor to detect people through walls and then shoot them from the other side. You can throw sticky explosives at enemies and watch them panic, furiously trying to dislodge the deadly packages before they explode. There’s a fully automatic sniper rifle.

The game is not, however, a frag fest like TimeSplitters. In fact, it reminds us forcibly of Half Life, in all the right ways. The storyline of the oppressed miners comes across everywhere you turn, from the relentless propaganda littering the walls to the constant presence of guards and military officials. At one point we even followed the sounds of violence into an abandoned area of some old barracks and found a security guard beating the tar out of a helpless miner. The sound of meat being pummeled was enough to send shivers down our spines. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed too much time with the game, as THQ is furiously working on getting the framerate locked before it’s shown running to the public — but we should have more details and hands-on impressions soon. For now, check out these new screens. Before you ask, yes, it really looks like this.

Kirby 64 – He is Popular in Japan

October 5th, 2014

He’s pink, he’s round, he bounces on the ground. Say hello to Kirby and some top-notch platforming fun.
Ah, Kirby. Not Nintendo’s most popular mascot, is he?
Well, not over here, we’ll grant you that. But the amorphous pink blob is something of a star in his homeland of Japan, as Kirby 64 – along with Zelda: Majora’s Mask – hogged the top of the charts when it was released back in June.

Yup. And the combined twosome held off an avalanche of PlayStation 2 Software, proving that there’s no substitute for decent gameplay.

So, he’s popular in Japan, then. Well done. But is the game actually any good?
But of course. Admittedly, Kirby is aimed at the younger end of the market; much like the delightful Yoshi’s Story before it, it offers deceptively simple gaming.

“Deceptively simple”? Do explain.
Well, inexperienced gamers won’t have much of a problem getting to the final stage – but beyond that, there’s plenty to do in Kirby 64. For instance, actually collecting all of the Crystal Shards of the title is a damn tricky task indeed, and ferretting them out will take plenty of effort.

How so?
Well, Kirby is famous for ‘swallowing’ his opponents – in this case, holding the ‘B’ button will cause Kirby to inhale anything in front of him. Once he’s inhaled an enemy, Kirby gains that creatures’ powers, which he can then use at will. But that’s not all: Kirby can mix and match acquired abilities to create ‘combos’, of a sort. For instance, inhaling a bomb and a rock creates dynamite. And that’s just a simple example; there are 35 mix ‘n’ match abilities in all, and some are only opened up through complex sequences. It’s by using these abilities that you can collect more shards.

Interesting. What else is there?
Well, Kirby isn’t just limited to sucking up enemies – there are a variety of different objects that can be utilised, too. So, should you not want to risk inhaling an unwanted ability, simply pick up a cactus and hurl it at the immediate opponent. There is also a small variety of multiplayer games for you to indulge in, the best of which is a Bomberman-style affair. Very nice indeed.

Fair enough. But with Majora’s Mask, Banjo Tooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and the rest all coming up, why will I want to play a simple 2D platformer?
Because nobody can make 2D platformers as compelling and finely-tuned as Nintendo can. And whilst all those games deserve to take higher billing over Kirby, it would be a shame to see the pink puffball disappear in the end-of-year games bonanza.

Good point. But can you tell us anything else about the pink funster?
Well, Kirby 64 was borne from the ashes of Kirby’s Air Ride – a racing game that was originally slated for the launch of the N64 – and he’s the character of choice for Smash Brothers experts, although some of us prefer Link. Or perhaps Pikachu.